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Where’s Gnome’s Legacy? Gnomedica, Chinese Professional Club of Houston Donate 15,000 Masks To District F

Amidst enduring uncertainties created by COVID19, personal protective equipment remains a critical need for communities across America. In the spirit of bridging essential supplies with the most vulnerable, Gnomedica partnered with Alice Lee, president of the Chinese Professional Club of Houston in donating 15,000 face masks to District F, a richly diverse community in the Houston metropolis.

The masks were received by City of Houston Council Member Tiffany Thomas, whose office is currently coordinating their distribution to the most vulnerable district residents through its network of community partners. Sized for youths and adults, the masks carry a particle filtration efficiency above 99% and are embroidered with cartoon patterns as a way of spreading messages of optimism.   

Already, distribution efforts have begun with local childcare facilities. Senior homes and organizations that assist with income-constrained families will also be allocated masks for direct delivery to residents.

As these protective supplies reach the city’s most vulnerable, consistent with their founding principles, Gnomedica and the Chinese Professional Club will continue to help fulfill the diverse needs of Greater Houston during a critical time.

Indeed, everyone has an essential role to play in protecting our neighbors and communities. As COVID cases continue to grow, properly wearing a mask and practicing social distancing become more critical than ever. Like many others in the business community, Gnomedica is firmly committed to supporting the shared responsibility of protecting the wellbeing of our neighbors. 

Inspired by Jessica’s late father and created with the goal of hastening the end of COVID-19, Gnomedica is dedicated to supplying reliable, affordable face masks and shields manufactured by Weimen’s family to communities in need. To date, Gnomedica has provided over 3.7 million masks to municipalities and public service agencies across 15 states. 

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